The Longsword +15 is actually super viable. The R2-R2-R1 stunlock is amazing in PVP. I think I have a new favorite weapon.

compootr iz srs bizns

The other day, I earned myself an internet ban for 2 weeks and “special observation” for 3 months on the school servers.

I didn’t even actually do anything. I accidentally left my flash drive in a computer in the school library after school, and someone from the tech department must have found it. He proceeded to go through the files on it, and brought up 2 files on it with the administrator. He claimed that one could be used to illegally obtain an administrator account on the school server, and the other was designed to insert a virus into the network. Thing is, neither would actually work. One file was INSTRUCTIONS to obtain an admin account on WINDOWS XP (the school uses win7), and the other one was a broken script that I copied and pasted from some forum. Essentially, neither would have worked at all, and I had no way of doing anything to the school computers.

When I got called into the office, I didn’t really get a chance to say much, though. One of the tech guys and the administrator were really dead set on antagonizing me, and kept trying to assert that my crime was grievous and another infraction would have dire consequences. What really got me was when the tech guy said, whilst looking me dead in the face: “We can go back about 3 weeks, so luckily he can’t hide.” Man, I don’t know where these guys got such negative conceptions of students. That’s a lot to assume negatively regarding a student of one’s own school. Even so, I don’t mind that much. I haven’t done anything to merit any consequences since the beginning of the school year, and don’t intend to for a few months. It’s really just the open hostility to a student that irked me. I guess there have been some pretty serious incidents with the privileged students here.

On a brighter note, I ended up being the game master for a D&D session in SciFi club, and I ended up with a bunch of my actual friends. It’s going to be pretty fun doing this. I even wrote a script and everything.

Circle Circle Dot Dot

I ran into some good yet scarcely seen friends while walking home today. I’ve never been in the same class as either of them, which is really unfortunate, because they’re cool guys. I took a roundabout route home for the first time this year, which was pretty nostalgic. I walked that way really often a while back. Thinking about it, I’m rarely in the same classes as any of my good friends. I’m just really unlucky with these sorts of things.

Due to a blizzard last weekend, the “Soph” dance was cancelled, the same one that my childhood friend wanted me to go to with her. Thing is, she never actually asked me. Instead, I got the message from three different friends, two girls and one guy, and even then it wasn’t even an invitation, it was in the form of  a suggestion. “Will, you should ask her to Soph.” “Will, you should go to Soph with her.” See, the thing is I don’t respond well to that type of stuff. Once she’s able to express her feelings in a direct way, then I’ll do the same - is what I was thinking. After brushing off the “suggestions,” I get from a different friend “Dude why did you reject her?” But I didn’t. Granted, I was going to, but I would have justified it by conveying how I felt about her directly. She completely dodged that and instead spread her warped story about how I turned her down. That’s not okay. I don’t see her in a romantic light, and I didn’t intend to go to the dance with her, but I still expect to be able to face her directly about it. I’m not going to approach her about it either, since I’m not supposed to be making assumptions about what she intends by avoiding me and instead getting multiple mutual friends to coax me into asking her.

I’m not getting that chance though, apparently. She’s been avoiding me entirely recently, which is unfortunate. I really enjoyed being her friend, but if this is what it’s turned into, it’s going to be really uncomfortable living one street down from her for the next three years.

TitleKaze Ni Naru
AlbumThe Cat Returns OST

My cat stares at me. I stare back. We sit like that for about 30 seconds. I reach out to her. She does not move. I touch her head lightly.

She flips her shit and jumps half a foot into the air, starts swatting me, then runs away.


Bananas go bad way too fast

well not bad I mean like they get all brown and mushy and not delicious

can we just not

Long story short, more lunch terrorism.

My muslim friend grabbed another friend’s banana, broke it clean in half with his bare hands (?!), dipped it in his honey mustard, and rubbed it into the other friend’s oboe case while yelling “allah hu akbar.” Welp.

My AP world history teacher has been absent for the past week. It’s not the first time this has happened, but considering he’s clearly over 60 it always worries the class when he’s gone like this. On the other hand, he still has the energy to assign us shittons of homework like usual through the substitutes.

I was forced to go on a ski trip with my family over the MLK weekend. It’s not that I don’t like skiing, but it was a huge pain trying to catch up on all my work between the imposed activities. I didn’t finish my homework for AP world, so it was somewhat convenient that the homework wasn’t collected today because the teacher was absent. Somehow, I feel like I’m dodging and bluffing my way through high school.

A girl in my grade and another a year younger told me today to ask my female friend to the “soph” dance, and remarked that she wanted me to. The thing is, I don’t intend to go to that dance in the first place, and I’ve never seen her in that way despite knowing her since 2nd grade. It’s like high schoolers can’t identify a platonic friendship. Kids these days are such horny creatures.

Nothing I like doing is academically applicable.

I guess I could call myself a quitter. A really big quitter. I used to do a lot more than I do now. Boy scouts, soccer, piano, cello, typical semi-wealthy kid stuff. And I dropped all of those. Now all I have is fencing, my tech familiarity, and an extensive knowledge of anime and visual novels. Recently, I’ve begun to lose motivation to go to fencing practice as well. I don’t know, maybe I need to change my own mentality. I should get into some sort of school club. It’s really not easy to make a club at my high school, so that’s not much of an option, but on the other hand I’m not all too interested in any of the existing ones, since some don’t sound good and the others I’ve tried and not really liked. It’s probably just me at this point. I want to get into a good college, but I can’t figure out ways that could help me do so that I WANT to do. Perhaps I’m just being too entitled. My family is very well off, so I should just force my way into something productive, right?

It feels like there’s just been too much going on recently. Schoolwork is overwhelming, varsity fencing is eating up all my time, and I can’t sleep properly for some reason. We’re only 15 days into the new year and I’m already feeling the pressure way too hard. Maybe I’m not the only one. I recently caught wind of a massive opium trade going on in my school. A 9-12th grade school. Is it just me, or are students these days insane? On a possibly (probably) related note, 2 kids got arrested on Friday. I don’t know who they were, but the general school made a pretty big deal out of it. More information will probably crop up later.

I have some work to do. Applications for summer programs, extra credit for classes, writing contests, and improving my own mentality.

What’s in a name?

AP World History is really hard. It may just be because of the teacher, but the class in our school is notoriously difficult and has a rather large curve on all grades as a result. Last Friday, we had to come in to school an hour early in order to write a DBQ essay, and I overslept and came in 25 minutes late. It was pretty awful, but I ended up getting an acceptable grade. Acceptable enough given my time frame, at least.

Anyway, that class and its incredible amount of textbook work has gotten me thinking about what exactly having one’s name in a textbook is worth. I mean, sure, some very small groups of people may end up interested, but in the course of things, being recorded in history isn’t really that great. I mean, almost no matter what one does they’ll just end up being an obstacle between a student and a passing grade, the size of which is dependent on the length of the name. It seems more interesting to just do what I want instead of trying to make history. If I can matter to a few people that matter to me, then that should be enough, I think.

I’ve been considering origami as some sort of pseudo-hobby thing to do in my spare time. Seems like a waste of paper though, unless I’m really careful.

If I made any new year’s resolutions, I would have broken them already.

I got a ton of chemistry homework this weekend and not enough time to fill out a single application to one of those summer internships my parents want me to do. I guess that’s partially my fault, since I’ve been putting them off in favor of Dark Souls and starting to watch Chu2. It’s not that bad working on a Sunday night. If it’s quiet enough, I can be pretty productive just grinding out work, sometimes with r/a/dio on.

I already want another break. School’s such a hassle right now.